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The Bogle-Chandler mystery is recognised as one of the most baffling cold cases in the annals of crime. The victims, brilliant physicist Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler, the wife of his colleague, were found dead beside a picturesque river in Sydney, Australia. Investigators found no evidence to suggest how they had died. The bizarre manner in which the bodies were covered only added to the mystery. The police immediately suspected Geoffrey Chandler as the killer. But despite drawing on the expertise of police and forensic agencies around the world, the coroner was unable to determine how the victims met their fate. In his award-winning film and book on the case, the author presented new evidence, which provided a solution to the mystery. This revised edition, brimming with photos and original documents, features the explosive testimony of a previously unknown witness to the deaths - a testimony that has thrust the case back onto the coroner’s desk.


"This really is quite amazing!  All I can say is that if what your new source says is true, then it pretty much means you've hit the nail on the head, and the mystery is finally solved, just over half a century after the event."  

Professor Jo Duflou, Chief Forensic Pathologist,

Clinical Professor, University of Sydney

"Peter Butt comes up with an unexpected—and convincing—new theory. It’s a theory that moves the book from ‘whodunnit’ into ‘environmental thriller’ without ever losing its command of the evidence or narrative style." 
Judges' comments NSW Premier's Literary Awards Douglas Stewart Prize (Finalist)

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"Brilliant! What amazed me was that the character, scientists and solution cover people born in the 1800’s , a solution required for an act in the 1900’s and then your input in the 21st Century! It was like a shock when I got to the last chapter!"

Dennis Jones, Book Distributor

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